TrickleStar Energy Monitor

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Plug-in Electricity Monitor

One of the first things you can do to save energy at home is to understand how much energy each home appliance uses. With this energy monitor you'll be able to watch and track your electricity usage and see the impacts or benefits when you change your electricity usage behavior. Plug an appliance into the plug module and begin tracking the cost of operation, watts, and the amount of carbon dioxide associated with the electricity consumed through the hand-held display (for convenience the display can detach from the plug module).

This device can also calculate and forecast energy usage in KWH, Cost, and CO2 in day, month, or year formats. The "Energy Count" feature gives real time accumulated KWH, Cost, CO2 amounts. The default setting is based on a $0.12 electricity rate and 0.49Kg/KWH carbon dioxide emission coefficient, but you can increase the accuracy by entering the actual value for your region. In addition to all these features, this device also offers 360J surge protection, protecting the appliance while connected to this energy monitor.

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