TrickleStar 7-Outlet Tier I Power Strip

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The Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip (APS) provides premium quality, fireproof surge protection for PC and TV peripherals and eliminates standby power consumed by PC and TV peripherals.

This advanced power strip not only safeguards your equipment from damaging power transients, it helps lower your electric bill. This 7 outlet model offers 2 always-on outlets for devices that you do not want turning off automatically, 1 master outlet, and 4 controlled outlets (controlled by the master outlet). The current-sensing master outlet has 3 selectable switching thresholds (10w, 22w or 42w) to sense when the control device is on or off, and it then switches the controlled outlets on or off accordingly to prevent unnecessary power use from devices plugged into those outlets, eliminating what are known as vampire loads.

Additional features include an advanced MOV surge protector that is encased in a flameproof, ceramic casing, capable of preventing fire during an abnormal surge condition as a result of arcing. A thermal shutdown feature whereby in the event of the product becoming overheated due to overloading or an abnormal surge condition, the product will shut down safely, protecting itself and the devices connected to it.

APS Tier 1

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