Frost King R-2.0 15' Water Pipe Wrap Insulation

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Insulating hot water pipes helps preserve the temperature of the water in the pipes. The water temperature in insulated hot water pipes can be 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the water would be in uninsulated pipes (source:

This water pipe insulation is wrapped in a spiral around exposed pipes, allowing it to be used on any diameter pipe.

Pipe insulation will reduce the rate of heat loss through domestic hot water pipes into the surrounding space. When the temperature of the water in hot water pipes is lower, it can take more time for hot water to flow from a faucet or shower, increasing both water use and energy costs. Insulating the first 9 feet of pipe from the hot water tank will generally deliver the greatest benefit.

Beyond the savings associated with insulating hot water pipes, insulating cold water pipes can prevent exterior condensation on the pipes, insulating water pipes can lower the risk of freezing, and insulating water pipes can help to dampen sounds associated with the water flowing through the pipes.

This pipe wrap insulation consists of one 15-foot long roll of self-adhesive foil and foam tape with an R-Value of 2.0*. It is installed by wrapping the tape in a spiral pattern around exposed water pipes. The amount of pipe that be insulated by one roll will vary; based on factors such as the tightness of the spiral, the amount of overlap, the diameter of the pipe, and the number of turns in the pipe. This insulation meets UL Standard 723, and is able to accomodate temperatures as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

- Dimensions: 2" wide x 1/8" thick x 15' long.

* "R-Value" reflects how well a material can prevent the flow of heat through the material. The higher the R-Value, the greater the thermal resistance.

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