Face Shield

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Get full protection from coughs, sneezes, and harmful chemical splashes. With its lightweight design, these face shields are not only comfortable to wear but also quick and easy to put on.


  • Adjustable elastic, suitable for both children and adults

  • Doesn't get in the way of communication 

  • Large area of protection that effectively protects your face from spray, dust, wind, and spatter

  • Versatile for a variety of uses in industrial and home settings

  • Made of anti-fog, environmentally friendly PET transparent material

Benefits of using a face shield:

1. They protect the entire face, including the eyes, and help prevent people from touching their faces 

2. They can be resterilized and cleaned by the user by using an alcohol wipe or rinsing with soap and hot water

3. They can aid people who depend on lip-reading

4. Some may find them to be easier to wear than masks 

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