Evolve Showerstart TSV Thermostatic Valve, SS-1002CP-SB

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Gone are the days of standing around waiting for the water to get hot. This thermostatic valve saves hot water until you're ready to get in by allowing cold water to exit and then automatically lowers the flow to a trickle once the water has warmed up


  • Solid brass construction for durability
  • Eliminates behavioral waste by saving water and energy during shower warm-up
  • Compatible with virtually all shower heads and shower arms (1/2 in. NPT fittings)
  • Includes integrated screen filter
  • Does not interfere with showerhead feel or flow
  • Helps your hot water last longer
  • Alerts you when your shower is warm and ready

Evolve's ShowerStart Ladybug showerhead adapter is inserted between the showerarm and your existing showerhead. When the shower is initially turned on the ShowerStart Ladybug device monitors the water temperature. When the water temperature reaches bathing temperature, (95 deg. F / 35 deg. C), the conservation mode is activated and the device triggers a trickle. This prevents your hot water from running down the drain before you're ready to get in the shower. Not only have you eliminated the water and energy waste, but the sound of the trickle tells you that your shower is ready. Turn the valve on the device or use the pull cord, the water flow will resume, and enjoy your shower. After each shower the ShowerStart Ladybug device will automatically reset.

This device has solid brass fittings and will attach to any shower arm with industry standard 1/2" fittings. It includes the valve, a pull cord, teflon tape, and instructions. The finish of the model stocked by EFI is polished chrome.

More Information
Manufacturer Model SS-1002CP-SB
Showerhead Type Fixed
Adjustable Spray No
Maximum Flow (GPM) Not Applicable