Safety Caps Electric Outlet Plug

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Cover any unused electrical outlets with these safety outlet covers to protect your home and family. The one-piece design plugs directly into your outlets for a tight, easy fit and also guard against shocks to help prevent short circuits

The idea behind an electric outlet plug is to help reduce air infiltration from the wall cavity into the living area through unused electric outlets, while also making a house safer for children. By keeping curious fingers out of unused electric outlets, the possibility of a child receiving an electric shock is reduced. But what about choking? Conventional electric outlet plugs are only about 1.4 inches wide, which is a size that can pose a choking hazard to children, which is what inspired this new plug design.

Safety Caps fit into an unused electric socket just like conventional electric outlet plugs but, consistent with pacifier regulations, they are 2.25 inches wide, making it too wide to easily fit in a small child's throat. In addition, in the event a child does manage to put one in their mouth, air holes have been added to provide additional safety.

  • Packaging: loose
  • Origin: United States (Vermont)
More Information
Manufacturer Model safetycaps
Length (Inches) 2.25
Width (Inches) 1.375
Depth (Inches) No
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