Philips, LED, 4.5w, 120v, Clear Bent Tip Torpedo, 435164

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The unique design of this clear bent tip dimmable LED torpedo bulb provides consistent color from all angles, giving designers an alternative to incandescent sources


  • Extremely energy-efficient at 71 lumens per watt
  • Warm and inviting light appearance at 2700K
  • Ideal for chandeliers and shadeless sconces
  • Bent tip mimics the look of a flame

Philips Lighting's 4.5 watt decorative flame tip LED not only provides a beautiful, sparkling light effect, but when it is dimmed the color temperature warms, creating an elegant ambiance that is very similar to that offered by incandescent light bulbs.

Key Features

  • 29-40 watt incandescent replacement (330 lumens).
  • Candelabra base (common in wall sconces and chandeliers).
  • Warm white light, suitable to areas where a low to moderate amount of light is needed.
  • Unique optical design produces a vivid, sparkling effect.
  • "Warm glow" technology means that the more you dim, the warmer the light.

Note: This light bulb is relatively tall (see specification section below). Please measure before purchasing.

Additional Information

Prior to installing this light bulb, turn power off to the socket at the switch. If it had previously been on allow the existing light bulb to cool. Unscrew the existing light bulb by turning counter clockwise. Install this new light bulb by turning it clockwise until it is secure in the socket. Do not over-tighten.

More Information
Manufacturer Philips
Manufacturer Model 435164
Brand Philips
Color No
Lighting Technology LED
ENERGY STAR Certified Yes
Bulb Type Decorative
Bulb Base Candelabra
Height (Inches) 5
Width (Inches) 1.2
Depth (Inches) 1.2
Power Consumption (Watts) 4.5
Incandescent Equivalent (Watts) 29
Brightness (Lumens) 320
Efficacy (Lumens/Watt) 71
Rated Life (Hours) 25000
Annual Savings (kWh) 26.8
Annual Savings (Dollars) 3.36
Damp/Wet Rated No
Color Rendering Category Good
Color Temperature (Kelvin) 2700
Dimmable Bulb Yes
3-Way Bulb No
Warranty (Years) 3
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