Top Smart Thermostat Questions, Answered

By now you've probably heard about smart thermostats and how they’re high-tech, energy-efficient, and far superior to those old manual turn-dial thermostats from back in the day. But if you're like many, you want to know more! What is the fuss all about? How do these thermostats save energy and money? What features do they have? How do smart thermostats benefit you? This guide answers all of those questions and more to help you better understand smart thermostats and help you make an informed decision on whether to upgrade.

Smart thermostats

What Makes Smart Thermostats So Smart?

Smart thermostats are loaded with features that make it easy to save energy and money. They eliminate confusing programming, adapt to your preferred heating and cooling schedule, can be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone, and so much more...

What Cool Features Do Smart Thermostats Have?

There's more to smart thermostats than Wi-Fi connection, easy programming, and remote access from anywhere. Many smart thermostats have the following features, too!

  • Learning Ability: Thermostats with learning ability will automatically adjust settings based on your personal preferences and schedule, resulting in increased savings over time.
  • Occupancy Sensing: Thermostats with occupancy sensing technology go into an energy-saving mode when no one is present, so you never have to worry about turning the thermostat down when you leave. Occupancy sensors may be integrated or separate, depending on the model.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing uses your connected smartphone to determine your location and make thermostat adjustments accordingly. When you are away,, energy-saving mode is enabled. When you return, your thermostat turns back up.
  • Smart Sensors: Remote temperature sensors allow the thermostat to determine the temperature in the rooms where the sensors are placed, not just where the thermostat is located. This helps customize comfort in every room. Smart sensors are sold separately, but are included with some models.
  • App Alerts: When connected to a thermostat's app, you can get helpful reminders and alerts sent to your phone. Get reminded when it's time to replace your furnace filters or get notified when extreme temperatures are sensed, indicating your furnace may be malfunctioning.
  • Energy Reports: Energy usage reports show you how much energy you've used and teach you how to use less.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified: ENERGY STAR thermostats have been independently certified to deliver energy savings. These are the smartest of the Wi-Fi thermostats available and include top-of-the-line features to help you manage your energy use.

How Do Smart Thermostats Save?

Smart thermostats can help you lower your energy needs, which saves you money and decreases your environmental impact.

How MUCH Do Smart Thermostats Save?

Use 15% Less Energy

According to the Department of Energy, when programmed properly, a smart thermostat can reduce energy use from 5%-15% per year. Simply program your thermostat to adjust automatically during specific times such as at night when you sleep or during the day while you are at work.

Save $180 A Year

ENERGY STAR© estimates the average U.S. homeowner can save up to $180 per year by programming their thermostat properly. Those savings really add up, and smart thermostats make it so easy!

How Do Smart Thermostats Benefit Me?

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, renter, or landlord, upgrading to a smart thermostat has some great benefits!

  • Proven energy savings: Smart thermostats are ENERGY STAR certified and offer proven energy savings - and that means lower utility bills for you!
  • Easy (or nearly effortless) programming: Smart thermostats are easy to program using their intuitive interface or app. For self-learning thermostats, programming is nearly effortless!
  • Convenience to control from anywhere: The ability to adjust and check in on your thermostat from anywhere offers increased energy savings and eliminates worries.
  • Increased safety: App alerts about unusual temperatures or HVAC maintenance keeps you in the know and your home or business safe and sound.
  • Provide insightful info: Energy reports are helpful and insightful, teaching you how to use less energy and save
  • Peace of mind: Smart thermostats offer peace of mind, allowing you to check in and control them from anywhere