Guide to Gloves: Proper PPE for Your Hands

What is Hand PPE?

Simply put, hand PPE (personal protective equipment) is all about one thing - gloves. Gloves are required in any work environment where there is risk of hand injury or transmission of infection. Basic hand PPE is also commonly used in home and school settings. Protective gloves come in many forms, but this guide details the protective disposable gloves offered by the EFI Wholesale Marketplace.

About Our Disposable, Protective Gloves

Disposable, protective gloves | Hand PPE

Disposable gloves are a versatile, practical form of hand PPE for both work and home and provide the following benefits:

Made of high-elasticity nitrile - as opposed to standard latex, a common allergen
Light and flexible, yet strong - for comfort and strong resistance against punctures and tears
Ultra-comfortable, custom fit - when they reach body temperature, they conform to the contours of your hands
Powder-free - for clean hands after removal
Food service grade - to be safely used in cooking and food processing

What Disposable Gloves Protect Against

Disposable gloves protect the wearer from chemicals, cleaning agents, bacteria, viruses, and general contaminates. They also protect others from the transmission of illness and contaminates that may be present on the wearer’s hands.

Where are Disposable Gloves Used?

Work Applications
Disposable gloves are commonly used in the professional food service, cleaning, science, and electronic industries.
Please note: these gloves are non-sterile and are not intended for medical use.

Home Applications
Disposable gloves have numerous applications in the home such as protecting hands from cleaning agents, food, bacteria, viruses, and any contaminates the wearer doesn’t want to be in contact with or transmit.

Please note: although these gloves serve as a light barrier against illness and infection, they are not guaranteed to protect against COVID-19 or any other illness. For an extra barrier against COVID-19 and other illnesses, use hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol content.

How to Properly Remove Gloves

Proper removal and disposal of protective gloves is vital to keeping your hands fully protected. To avoid contaminating your hands, follow these glove removal instructions.

1 - Grab the outside of one glove at the wrist, being careful not to touch your bare skin
2 - Peel the glove off of the hand, turning it inside-out as you go
3 - Hold the newly removed, inside-out glove in your other gloved hand
4 - Place your bare fingers inside of the second glove at the wrist
5 - Peel the second glove off, inside/out
6 - The first glove will fit inside the second. Dispose of the two inside-out gloves in a lined trash barrel
7 - Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water

How to properly remove disposable gloves

Disposable Glove Tips

For the best results, follow these disposable glove tips at home and in the workplace.

Be sure they fit - protective gloves should fit snugly but not uncomfortably tight on the hands, forming an effective seal
Check them first - before putting gloves on, inspect them for holes and micro-tears
Don’t rely on gloves alone - be sure to follow general health and safety practices including regular, proper  hand washing
Don’t reuse gloves - disposable gloves are just that - made for one use only. Never try to wash them or reuse them